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The University's Charitable Status as at 31 January 2014

The University is an exempt charity whose principal regulator is the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). The HEFCE sets out a number of information requirements on institutions with this status and this information is provided as follows:

1. Name and Address

The legal name and correspondence address of the University of Warwick is as follows:

University of Warwick

2. Charter and Statutes

The University's legal status derives from a Royal Charter originally granted in March 1965. Its objects, powers and framework of governance are set out in the Charter and supporting Statutes. The Charter and Statutes for 2012/13, as required by the HEFCE, can be found at Charter and Statutes.

Changes to the Charter and Statutes

The University submitted a request to the Privy Council to make revisions to its Charter and Statutes, including the abolition of the Court and removal of the Statute on the University Librarian. The Privy Council with the Queen in session granted final approval of the proposed amendments on 15 October 2009 and these changes are incorporated in the version available above.

3. Financial Statements

The University's financial statements can be found on the Statutory Accounts web page. The University's public benefit statement is included in the financial statements.

The financial statements include information in relation to the University's linked charity, University of Warwick Foundation Trust. Further information about the University of Warwick Foundation Trust is also available on the Warwick Foundation web page.

4. Governing Body

The governing body of the University is the Council and its members, who are its trustees, as of January 2014 can be found below, together with information on the other charities (if any) of which they are also trustees. The membership of the Council as at 31 January 2013 is available on the Trustees web page.

  Member of Council Charities of which Members are Trustees


Sir George Cox

University of Warwick Foundation Trust

The Vice-Chancellor:

Professor N Thrift

Council for Industry and Higher Education
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM, Trustee)
University of Warwick Foundation Trust

The Treasurer:

Mr K Bedell-Pearce

University of Warwick Foundation Trust

The Provost:

Professor S Croft


The Pro-Vice-Chancellors:

Professor C Hughes

University of Warwick Foundation Trust


Professor T Jones


Up to four academic members of the Senate, appointed by the Senate:

Professor C W Hughes



Professor S Swain



Professor P Thomas



Professor P Winstanley

Action Malawi

One member of the non-academic staff of the University appointed by the Senate:



Such other persons not being members of the academic staff or salaried officers or students of the University and not exceeding twelve in all, as may be appointed by the Council:

Dame Fiona Caldicott


Ms V Cooke (Vice-Chair)

Global Action Plan

Mr P Dunne

Leap Confronting Conflict

Mrs P Egan

Chair, Geffye Museum


Ms T Elliott

Royal Town Planning Institute


Ms V Heywood

Chairman of the Royal Society of Arts
Chairman of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
Royal Court Theatre Productions Ltd


Mr J Higgins



Mr G Howells

IKON Gallery, Birmingham
MADE, Birmingham


Sir David Normington

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children


Mr N Sanders

HRH the Duke of Edinburgh's Commonwealth Study Conferences (UK Fund)


Professor Sir John Temple

The Healing Foundation


Mr M Temple

Design Council CABE

The President of the Union of Students:

Mr B Sundell


One student elected by the Union of Students:

Mr C March