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Administrative and Professional Services Group (APSG)

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Membership 2018/19

Registrar (Chair) Rachel Sandby-Thomas
Group Finance Director Rosie Drinkwater
Secretary to Council Sharon Tuersley
Academic Registrar Dr Chris Twine
Director of IT Mike Roberts
Director, Strategy and Policy Group Dr Richard Hutchins
Director, Engagement Group Ian Rowley
Director of Estates James Breckon
Director, People Group Gillian McGrattan
Director of Innovation David Plumb
Finance Director Andrew Smith
Director, Knowledge Group Robin Green

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors:



Professor Pam Thomas


Professor Christopher Hughes

External Engagement

Professor Simon Swain

In Attendance

Director of Press and Media Relations

Director of Strategic Programme Delivery

Head of Finance, Departmental Services Team (APSG)

Director of Legal Services

Senior Assistant Registrar (Strategic Planning & Analytics)

Executive Officer, Vice-Chancellor's Office

Assistant Registrar (Strategic Planning & Analytics) (Assistant Secretary)

Deputy Director, Executive Office

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Terms of Reference

(i) To determine administrative service strategic plans in line with the University Strategy;

(ii) To provide the University with an assurance mechanism with regard to the services and deliverables of the administration;

(iii) To monitor the performance and delivery of key administrative services and programmes across the University;

(iv) To actively review administrative priorities and budgets;

(v) To identify investment needs and ways to achieve service enhancements as part of the simplify, collaborate, deliver agenda;

(vi) To consider ways to achieve cost efficiencies with the aim of releasing resource for re-allocation within the administrative and professional services budgetary envelope;

(vii) To determine administrative service area financial plans in line with agreed strategic plans;

(viii) To ensure that key matters relating to prioritisation, resourcing and risk are directed to those groups and/or departments which can most effectively consider and resolve them.

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Reporting Structure

The Administrative and Professional Services Group reports to the (Senate) Steering Committee and to the Financial Plan Sub-Committee.

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Secretary: TBC (APSG at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Assistant Secretary: Ms Kirsty Jenkins (Assistant Registrar, Strategic Planning and Analytics) (APSG at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Papers for consideration by the Administrative and Professional Services Group should be submitted to the Secretary (via APSG at warwick dot ac dot uk) three weeks in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered.

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Dates of meetings of the Administrative and Professional Services Group can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

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