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Strategic Risk Advisory Board (Disestablished)

At its meeting on 6 February 2023, the University Executive Board approved the disestablishment of SRAB with immediate effect.

Terms of Reference
Reporting Structure

Membership 2022/2023

Director of Innovation (Chair) David Plumb
Secretary to Council Dr Chris Twine
The Vice-Provosts and Chairs of the Boards of the Faculties:
Science, Engineering and Medicine
Social Sciences
Professor Rachel Moseley
Professor Lorenzo Frigerio
Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams
The Deputy Finance Director Philippa Glover
Head of Risk and Resilience Chris Griffin
The Director of Regional and National Policy Samuel Roseveare
The Chief Information and Transformation Officer Raja-Saleem Javaid
Director of Estates James Breckon
Director of Human Resources Geraldine Mills
Director of Legal & Compliance Services Rachel Gower
The Director of Health & Safety John Phillips
The Director of Environmental Sustainability Parvez Islam
The Director of International Strategy & Relations Sally Smith
The Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment Emma Mundy
The Head of Compliance & Assurance Kirsty Jenkins/Catherine McStay
The Risk & Resilience Manager Kimberly Jebson-Hambly
The Risk & Resilience Manager Lauren McCleary

In attendance

Head of Internal Audit
Director Regional Strategy and Partnerships
Director of Social Inclusion

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Terms of Reference

  1. Using management information, to identify, monitor and escalate to the University Executive Board any changes to the risk profiles on the Strategic Risk Register.
  2. To work with key functional areas to forward-look to identify and support the management of emerging areas of risk from across the University and beyond (external horizon scanning) which may require escalation to UEB and inclusion on the Strategic Risk Register.
  3. To act as the single point for risk escalation to the Strategic Risk Register (using the ‘Risk On a Page – Escalation’ proforma), receiving regular updates from other key Committees and Groups such as Business Continuity and Recovery Programme etc.
  4. To monitor KPIs related to the Strategic Risk Register.
  5. To have oversight of major academic department risks and to provide a report to Academic Resourcing Committee to inform its annual planning cycle.
  6. To develop a University Risk Assurance Framework that identifies and maps the mains sources of assurance and supports the University’s corporate governance reporting.
  7. To provide advice and support, where appropriate, for development of non-Health and Safety risk assessments, monitoring and escalation.

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Reporting Structure

The Strategic Risk Advisory Board (SRAB) reports to the University Executive Board and the Audit and Risk Committee.

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Secretary: Kimberly Jebson-Hambly, Risk and Resilience Manager


Dates of meetings of the Strategic Risk Advisory Board can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

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