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Graduate Appeals Committee Panel

Membership 2017/18

Up to twenty members of academic staff appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Boards of the Faculties

Professor David Anderson (Arts)

Dr Christopher Bilton (Arts)

Dr Oliver Davis (Arts)

Professor Michael Hatt (Term 1 only) (Arts) and Professor Lorenzo Pericolo (Terms 2 & 3 only) (Arts)

Dr Christina Britzolakis (Arts)

Professor Colin MacDougall (Medicine)

Professor Geraldine Hartshorne (Medicine)

Dr Anne Straube (Medicine)

Professor Charles Hutchinson (Medicine)

Dr Jason Madan (Medicine)

Professor Derek Holt (Science)

Dr Stuart Barnes (Science)

Dr Anu Realo (Science)

Dr Peter Gammon (Science)

Dr Keith Leppard (Science)

Dr Osman Hassan (Social Sciences)

Philip McCash (Social Sciences)

Dr Cath Lambert (Social Sciences)

Dr Annamaria Pinter (Social Sciences)

Dr Hossam Zeitoun (Social Sciences)

Dr Susannah Wilson (Modern Languages) (Oct 17 - Jul 18)

The Graduate Appeals Committee meets on an ad hoc basis and includes two members of the above Panel appointed by the Vice-Chancellor in addition to the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies (or Deputy).


Dates of meetings of the Graduate Appeals Committee can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

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