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University Feedback and Complaints Resolution Framework Consultation

See the new Student Feedback and Complaints Resolution webpages with supplemental advice and guidance for staff and students including the new Student Complaints Resolution Pathway and associated formal Procedure.


Over the last year and a half the University has undertaken a review of its Feedback and Complaint procedures and has consulted a range of stakeholders across the University. It was agreed that an integrated Student Complaints Resolution Pathway would be rolled out across the University from September 2014 within a revised University Feedback and Complaints Resolution Framework. This integrated Student Pathway replaced the existing Student Academic Complaints procedure, the process for non-academic service complaints and provides a clearer structure to complaints submitted under the Dignity at Warwick Policy. The ambition is to build a culture where there are active feedback loops as well as positive dialogue in which to resolve any problems or concerns at the earliest stage. Where problems cannot be resolved at the local or frontline level, there should be a clear, transparent and timely process for students to actively engage in the resolution of a complaint and for identifying and addressing any areas of potential improvement.

Further online advice and guidance about the process is being developed for students and staff. Additionally, briefing and training sessions will be held to build capability in front-line resolution of complaints, mediation, and in capturing and responding dynamically and proactively to student feedback.

Briefing Sessions

A number of briefing sessions have been held in conjunction with the launch of the pilot of the integrated Student Complaints Resolution Pathway. These sessions provide an overview of the new Student Complaints Resolution Procedure, the support that is available to frontline staff and general good practice in resolving student complaints. All staff who either deal with student complaints or who might provide advice to students on the process are encouraged to attend. If you would like to attend a briefing session, please complated the booking form and you will be notified when future dates are set.

In addition to more general sessions about the new Student Complaints Resolution Pathway and Procedure, the University also ran a series of one-day Mediation Skills courses designed for front-line academic and
non-academic staff in departments. The aim of this course was not to expect staff in departments to act as formal mediators to complaints, but to give staff the skills and confidence to be able to apply mediation techniques
and approaches to wider complaints resolution within their department, especially at Stages One and Two of the Student Complaints Resolution Pathway. Further information about mediation is available on the Student Complaints Resolution Pathway site.

Consultation Discussion Sessions

A number of consultation discussion sessions, initially focussing on the development of the integrated Student Complaints Resolution Pathway, were held in the Spring and Summer terms 2014 to inform the development of the revised Framework. Please email if you have any questions or comments. Further consultation sessions will be held in relation to the overarching Feedback and Complaints Framework. Do drop an email to the email address or contact Yvonne Salter Wright, Director of Delivery Assurance, if you would like to be involved.