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Users' Charter

The University is a large multi-faceted organisation providing education, research, training, consultancy and other services for:

  • 16,460 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students from the UK and over 100 overseas countries
  • 6,216 part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • 7,200 continuing professional development short course students
  • 8,000 open studies students
  • 1,150 students on externally taught programmes
  • 3792 overseas visiting and exchange students
  • 190 trusts, foundations, government departments, research councils and international agencies
  • 65,000 annual vacation conference visitors
  • 70,000 annual visitors to the three residential training centres - Arden House, Radcliffe House and Scarman House
  • 250,000 annual visitors to the Arts Centre
  • 105 industrial and commercial companies and public sector organisations
  • 4,000 outside users of the Library
  • 128 companies on the University Science Park

Quality of Service

The University is committed to providing to all its users high quality services which will be managed efficiently and which will be publicised with clarity and precision. All users will be dealt with in a manner which is fair, efficient and courteous, and within the letter and spirit of the University's Equal Opportunities policy. All the requirements of the Charter for Higher Education published by the Department for Education in 1993 are fully met by the University's practices, procedures and publications.