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New Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Gibbet Hill

New evacuation procedures have been established for the Gibbet Hill campus which include the implementation of the Evacuation Tag System, and the creation of a Local Incident Response Team.

The new Evacuation Tag system is live with effect from 9:00am on Friday 19th September 2014. At the same time, the evacuation assembly point will change to be the grassy area at the top of the hill in front of the open-air car park (car park 1 - between the SLS teaching lab building and the footpath leading to main campus).

How the Tag System Works at Gibbet Hill
In this new system, in the event of the fire alarm sounding, staff and PhD students can take a tag and sweep the zone identified on the tag, then take the tag out of the building to the tag collection boards which will be located at the emergency evacuation point. Collection boards will be manned by members of the Local Incident Response Team which has been established to support the management of an incident once staff and students have left the buildings.

Full details are available on the Fire Safety website, including a training video.

Students and visitors are expected to follow the existing basic fire response procedures.

Gibbet Hill Local Incident Response Team
Members of the LIRT will be identified by hi-vis vests with “Gibbet Hill Local Incident Response Team” on the back. Their two key responsibilities during an incident are to:
  • support the evacuation of staff and students by ensuring they get to the evacuation point safely; and
  • manage the collection of tags from the areas swept by staff.

There are two roles within the LIRT:

LIRT members (blue hi-vis vests):

  • direct staff and students to evacuation area
  • manage traffic movements on Gibbet Hill site to ensure staff and students can safely reach the evacuation point and that emergency service vehicles can enter campus as quickly as possible.

LIRT leaders (red hi-vis vest):

  • coordinate the incident
  • manage the tag collection boards
  • liaise with Security Services
  • communicate updates on the status of the incident to staff and students assembled at the evacuation point.

The LIRT will be monitored and reviewed to refine its role in supporting local incidents. If you have feedback on the LIRT, please contact the University’s Fire Safety Officer, Jonathan Spode.

Important Links

Evacuation Tag System training video