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Contractor Selection

Selecting a Contractor

When there is no direct labour that can carry out work and consideration is being paid to appoint a contractor to carry out a task for/on your behalf, the first consideration must be to prepare a detailed specification for the work required. Consult the Process Flow Chart (link on right) to determine whether in-house staff (direct labour) or a contractor has already been assessed and approved by the university for the type of activity required. Contractor lists are available using the links provided in the right hand column.

Each department will have one or more trained members of staff who has undergone Contractor Management training. This person throughout these pages is termed, 'Departmental Representative'.

The 'Departmental Representative' will check:

  • That the contractor has been assessed via a Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSiP) scheme;
  • That their assessment is still in date;
  • That the type of work they have been assessed against meet your needs;
  • That they have a suitable level of insurance cover which remains in date.

Where the contractor is not a member of an SSiP scheme, or the assessment has expired (and there are no other 'validated' similar contractors) follow the process given on the 'Appointing New Contractors' page. Your Departmental Representative will support you with the process.

There are additional lists of contractors which have undergone a vetting process. In all cases the selected contractor will be required to provide risk assessments and method statements to the Project Manager for the activity to be undertaken prior to work commencing.