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Appointing New Contractors

Contractor Competency

All contractors* must be assessed for their health and safety competency for the specified work activity by a member of University staff from the Department requesting the work to be done before entering into a contract or placing an order. Those already approved for specified work activities can be found using the links from the Contractor Selection page. The member of staff making the assessment must have been trained in Contractor Selection.

Where there is no existing company engaged by the University to carry out the type of work required you need to follow these rules:-

  • Check the contractor is a member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSiP) system, and, if so, ask them to provide a copy of their registration (or equivalent) as evidence that they are registered for the type of work required.
  • Contractors who are not members of the SSiP system must complete the Contractor Selection Health and Safety Questionnaire so that an assessment of their competence can be made by the Project Manager with the Departmental Representative within your department.
  • Departments wanting to take on a contractor that has not previously been 'approved' must request this information directly from the contracting company. An example template letter and the Contractor Code of Conduct can be downloaded and the relevant sections completed for this purpose, see links in right hand column.
  • All company's must provide a 'declaration' that they will work in accordance with University Code of Conduct.
  • Evidence relating to the competency check must be maintained by the appointing Department's Departmental Representative for auditing purposes.

When the engaging department is satisfied that the contractor is competent they must follow Financial Procedure 15.18 and raise an MDR2 form before they can raise a Purchase Order for that contractor.

All contractors must receive an induction to the University prior to work commencing. Details can be found in 'Management of Contractors'. Reviews should be carried out at times of significant change and at periods not exceeding one year to ensure that evidence of competence provided is still relevant and acceptable.

*Smaller, specialist contractors (such as those maintaining or testing specialist research equipment) might not have the documented evidence or procedures. In these cases a decision should be made as to their competence in conjunction with the relevant Health and Safety Adviser, taking into account the type of work and associated risks.