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Contractor Management & Monitoring

Before the contractors arrives on site, relevant information must be shared with the contractor to enable them to write their risk assessments and method statements. This will include reference to asbestos where relevant, details about the hazards in the working environment etc. This should also consider what support / pre-work may be necessary, such as:

  • the removal of a fire exit
  • parking arrangements,
  • specific traffic routes.

See Contractor Induction Checklist for guidance.

Regardless of the method of pre-appointment assessment used, detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements/Safe Systems of Work relevant to the work must be obtained from the contractor and reviewed by the engaging 'Project Manager' before each piece of work commences to ensure that these are suitable and relevant to the location where the work is to take place, that the risks have been clearly identified and the controls to manage or minimise the risks appear to be appropriate.

Contractors must be inducted to the University and receive a copy of the Code of Conduct for Contractors and agree to its terms. A video detailing the code of conduct requirements must be used to support the induction process.


The person responsible for the work, or the 'Project Manager', must ensure that the work is monitored and that health and safety standards are maintained (i.e that the contractor is working in accordance with their Risk Assessments / Method Statements and are managing the risks appropriately).

Contractors who consistently fail to maintain adequate health & safety performance should be removed from the approved supplier list. Please complete the Feedback Form to register their performance. This form can also be used to register a contractor who has demonstrated an exemplary standard of work.

Risk assessment guidance

Method Statements

University of Warwick Permit Process

Contractor Code of Conduct (booklet)

Contractor Declaration - document to send to a contractor that they can sign to state that they have read the Code of Conduct

Contractor Induction checklist / guidance

Contractor General Health and Safety Induction Video to introduce contractors to Warwick University

Contractor Feedback Report