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Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets

There must be sufficient storage cabinets for the materials that need to be stored in the laboratory. These must be suitable for the types of materials to be stored. Chemical compatibility must be considered where the materials are hazardous. See the chemical compatibility guide for further information on this topic. The facility risk assessment should identify whether there is a further need to consider ventilated cabinets which would be more suitable for noxious, narcotic/malodorous type materials for example.

A laboratory is not permitted to store more than 50 litres of highly flammable liquids per laboratory. Any highly flammable liquids must be stored in at least a 30 minute fire rated cabinet, BS EN 144701:2004, or if located under a fume hood it must be fire rated for 90 minutes. If the laboratory owner wishes to store more than this quantity of highly flammable liquids then additional provision must be made available in a suitable outdoor store and careful management of the volumes being ordered and maintained in the space must be monitored.


Any shelving or cupboard installed must similarly be suitable for the type of materials to be stored on or in them. Any shelving used for the placement of chemicals must have a 25mm retaining lip and not be more than 1500mm from the floor. Storage for chemicals to be placed over sinks, at or near drains or in entrance lobbies is not permitted.