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Evacuation Tag System


Tag System

The Evacuation Tag System represents a variation to the existing procedures and the tag system must be implemented upon activation of the fire alarm, after you have received confirmation of the go live date from your parent department.

How does it work?

The tag system works by having all areas of a building divided into proportionately sized zones, which are provided with tags for each zone.

 Floor Plan MCBB

Example of how a floor of a building is split into sweep zones - the example above shows the ground floor of MCBB

The difference between this approach and the current system is that as a staff member or post graduate you can take a tag and sweep the zone identified on the tag in the event of the fire alarm sounding.

What do you do when the fire alarm sounds?

View the Sweep and tag moodle for details.

In summary

There will still be designated persons within your department who will respond to fire alarm activations, but their role has been varied, so that they can provide more specific support to the resolution of an incident. Fire, or evacuation wardens will no longer sweep areas of the building, but instead will support your Local Incident Response Teams to manage a wider range of aspects of an evacuation.