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Systems Maintenance

Occupying Departments must inform the Estates Department Help Desk of any damage to or malfunctioning of fire precautions, which might affect the integrity of the building, fire fighting capability or escape from the building.

The Estates Department must organise the installation and maintenance of all

  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Disabled refuge communications
  • Fire doors and Fire Escape Routes
  • Fire safety signage

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire extinguishers and dry risers are checked and tested to an annual schedule by a trained person in the Estates Department or an external contractor, managed by the Estates Department.

Any new fire suppression systems must be designed and installed in agreement with the Estates Department. The Estates Department organise servicing by competent engineers to the necessary schedule.

Servicing of automatic operable ventilation (for fire fighting purposes) is organised by Estates and is carried out by competent engineers to the necessary schedule.

Fire detection and alarm systems

Full check and test of all fire detection and alarm systems by competent service engineers is organised by Estates in accordance with the relevant British Standards. Other Departments must facilitate these activities by allowing access.

Activation of the fire detection and alarm system is checked on a weekly basis to a defined schedule for each premise . This is generally carried out by the Estates Department.

Emergency lighting

Full check and test of system by competent service engineer to required standard is organised by the Estates Department at six monthly intervals.

Regular checks of the system are carried out to a defined schedule for each building and generally carried out by Estates.

Disabled Refuge Communication Systems

Communication systems for disabled person refuges are fitted in newer buildings. These must be checked and tested by a competent service engineer, arranged by Estates, at an interval recommended by the Manufacturer.

Evacuation Chairs

Checks and servicing of evacuation chairs by a competent servicing operative at intervals is arranged and scheduled by Community Safety Services.

Fire Doors

Occupying staff should be aware of the state of the fire doors in their area and report any malfunction or damage to the Estates Department Help Desk.

Final exit doors will be checked for normal operation by the Building Occupants to a schedule agreed with the Fire Safety Adviser.

Fire doors are regularly checked and adjusted for correct operation and integrity of the smoke seals by a competent operative from Estates Department, to a defined schedule.

Fire Escape Routes and Signage

Building Occupants should check fire escape routes for obstructions and visibility of signage as part of regular checks, and take appropriate action.

After all refurbishment, repainting, and minor works, the location and visibility of fire escape signage should be checked by the relevant project manager.

Occupying departments should check visibility of fire escape signage after office/building moves.

Illuminated signs will be checked as part of the Emergency Lighting checks (see above).

Structural Fire Protection

The integrity of fire barriers will be confirmed by the relevant project manager (and checked by the Fire Safety Adviser) after all works that may have been penetrated by pipes or cables (IT and electrical).