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University Fire Safety Group

The Fire Safety Group is a University of Warwick sub-group and will report University Health and Safety Executive Committee. Its responsibilities, membership, accountability and structure are as set out below.


The Fire Safety Group is to provide the framework to ensure compliance for the coordination of activities related to the management, procurement, development, maintenance, training requirements and safe use of Fire Systems in use within the University premises. The purpose of the group will also be to raise the level of awareness and accountability for the use of Fire Systems and endeavour to ensure that all policies, procedures and relevant guidelines are complied with and related standards are met. The remit of the group will include ensuring that the University plans strategically for developments associated with building and system changes or operational procedures that guarantee fire quality, continuity and supply arrangements. Establishing working groups as necessary, engaging with relevant stakeholders to promote improvement in fire safety and support delivery of the Fire Safety Plan.


▪ To promote co-operation between the University and its employees on all matters relating to fire safety;
▪ To establish industry best practice and standards on site and to promote the continuous improvement of fire safety.
▪ To direct and recommend the practical application and implementation of policies, procedures and arrangements.
▪ To ensure that data from incident reports is considered.
▪ To keep under review planned inspections, surveys, audits and actions arising.
▪ To identify priorities for action and to develop solutions.
▪ To help ensure training in fire safety is suitable and sufficient;
▪ To comment upon proposed changes to University fire safety policies;
▪ To comment upon the University’s strategic objectives and action plans, and to review progress on these.
▪ To inform the University Health & Safety Executive Committee of issues relating to the health and safety of staff, students, contractors and members of the public entering the precincts of the University or involved in University activities;
▪ To consider relevant information and advice from the Fire Services, Health and Safety Executive and other such bodies.

Terms of Reference

  1. To promote co-operation between the University and its employees on all matters relating to fire safety;
  2. To advise the Health & Safety Executive Committee on policies and procedures for managing fire risk;
  3. To monitor and review arrangements for fire safety at University of Warwick and to advise the Health & Safety Executive Committee on matters requiring executive action.

Membership 2021/22

Membership 2021/22

Senior Health and Safety Adviser, Chair Graham Hakes
Health and Safety Adviser and Fire Safety Adviser Simon Watson
Member of staff from Maintenance management Heather Loosemore
Member of staff representing Assurance Risk & Property Team Sam Archer
Member of staff from Estates Management - Wellesbourne Laura Harris
Member of staff representing CCSG Julie Taylor
Member of staff representing Capital Program Team George McBride
Member of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine Tim Jefferson
Member representing Student Accommodation Minhaz Ali
Member of staff representing Risk and Resilience Team Chris Griffin
Member of staff representing Knowledge Group (Library Services) Heather Green
Member of staff representing Security John Pitman
Member of the Faculty of Social Science Jackie Clarke
Member of staff representing Space Management Joey Micklewright
Member of the Faculty of Arts Diana Stonefield
Member of staff representing Accommodation Tim Woodman-Clarke
Member of staff representing Academic Union Rep Claire Daffern
Member of staff from Insurance Richard Campbell-Kelly
Member of Health & Safety Services, Secretary Mayur Patel


Reporting Structure

The University Fire Safety Group reports to the Fire Management Strategic Group


Secretary: Mayur Patel, Health and Safety Administrative Officer
Email; Ext; 50024

Topics for discussion by the University Fire Safety Group should be submitted to the Secretary two weeks in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered.

Meeting in 2021/2022