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First Aid Risk Assessment

In order to comply with the requirements for first aiders the University has carried out a risk assessment of need. In making the assessment it is necessary to take account of any inexperienced workers, those who work alone and members of the public who might visit the workplace but the main criteria for deciding how many are required is based on numbers of employees and level of risk in the work place. This last is taken from the University's Hazard Map.

Because the University is spread over a large number of buildings and distances between them the decision was taken to allocate first aiders on a building by building basis.

This means that each building has its numbers decided by considering the levels of risk of the activities in the building and the numbers of staff based in the building. Consideration is given to members of the public (this includes students) through the provision of additional emergency first aiders in high risk buildings and by security staff who are all first aid at work trained and can attend anywhere on site. Any first aider should be available to move between local buildings and provide support to the University as needed.

In order to met business needs during all operating hours there are some areas where shift work is carried out where the numbers required to ensure that cover is in place are greater than the minimum required by HSE. Also all staff who are lone workers (such as gardeners and Hort Services) may attend an emergency first aid course.

If you become aware of a change in staff numbers in any building please let us know such that the numbers of first aiders can be reviewed accordingly.

Building Risk Level Staff Numbers

First Aider No


Arts Centre & Chaplaincy High 90

2 + 2

Members of the Public


Rootes Social Building High 150 3 + shift managers Shifts
Library High 161 4 + out of hours team Shifts
Sport Centre High 41 All permanent sports centre staff Shifts
University House Low 506 6  
Westwood House, Arden High 81 2 + 2 Shifts
Institute of Education, Warwick Print High 296 3 + 3  
Life Sciences @ Gibbet Hill High 206 5 + 5  
Warwick Medical School Low 300 3  
Millburn House Low 64 2  
Humanities Low 367 4  
Coventry House Low 32 1  
Chemistry High 115 3 + 3  
Computer Science Low 47 1  
Physics High 162 4 + 4  
Social Studies Low 249 3  
CSB High 57 2 + 2  
Costcutter High 28 1 + 1 Shifts

All relevent staff Child FA trained

(managed by the Nursery)

Engineering High 134 3 + 3  
WMG High 179 4 + 4  
Maths & Stats Low 153 2  
Radcliffe High 67 2 + 2 Shifts
Scarman High 79 2 + 2 Shifts
Ramphal Low 45 1  
WBS Low 354 3  
Life Sciences @ Wellesbourne High 227 5 + 5  
Estates (Argent Court) Low 86 2  
Estates Gardeners   29   All lone workers
Accommodation High     ASM + 1 per area