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Information for First Aiders

Use of Adrenaline Auto-injectors (Epipens)

Epipens are used for the treatment of Anaphylaxis. The casualty may carry an 'Epipen'. This can be used to save their life if its given promptly. The casualty should be able to inject this on their own, but if necessary, assist them to use it. The dose of adrenaline can be repeated at 5-15 minute intervals if there is no improvement or the symptoms return.

Full details of the treatment of Anaphylaxis can be found on page 17 of the First Aid Made Easy guide provided during your first aid training.

If you do need to carry an 'Epipen' for emergency treatment please ensure you make your local first aiders aware so that they can support you if needed. You may also wish to inform a colleague who would be prepared to administer the Epipen in the event you are unable to do so.