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Hazard Analysis

Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004, article 5 states that "food business operators shall put into place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure based on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

The control and monitoring of food standards and operations are an integral part of the hazard analysis system and essential functions of management, which complete the circle of responsibility. A cost effective food business that produces safe food may only be achieved if managers' take responsibility for:

  • setting the requisite standards and objectives;
  • providing adequate resources and establishing systems and controls, which includes the documentation, to achieve those standards;
  • communicating to employees the required standards;
  • training and motivating employees to ensure competence in the production of safe food and to control associated hazards;
  • providing effective supervision; and
  • monitoring and analyzing.

The following procedure and hazard charts have been provided to assist managers and food handlers in securing safe working practices and compliance with legislative requirements.

HAZ/01: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point - June 2019 (V3)

HAZ/02: HACCP Flowchart - Conventional Cooking - June 2019 (V3)

Critical Control Points Control Points
CCP/01 Cooking of food - June 2019 (V3) CP/01: Purchasing of food - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/02 Cooling of food - June 2019 (V3) CP/02: Receipt of food - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/03 Preparation of food - June 2019 (V3) CP/03: Storage of food - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/04 Chilled storage of food (post cook) - June 2019 (V3) CP/04: Defrosting of food - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/05: Display of chilled food - June 2019 (V3) CP/05: Preparation of food - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/06: Reheating of food - June 2019 (V3)  
CCP/07: Display of hot food - June 2019 (V3) Pre-requisites
CCP/08: Service of food - June 2019 (V3) PREQ/01: Dating & labelling of food - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/09: Blast chilling of food - June 2019 (V3) PREQ/02: Use of raw shell eggs - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/10: Storage of blast chilled food - June 2019 (V3) PREQ/03: Control of physical contaminants - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/11: Blast freezing of food - June 2019 (V3) PREQ/04: Cleaning and disinfection - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/12: Storage of blast frozen food - June 2019 (V3) PREQ/05: Personal hygiene - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/13: Defrosting of frozen food (post cook) - June 2019 (V3) PREQ/06: Exclusion of food handlers - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/14: Transportation of food - June 2019 (V3) PREQ/07: Hand washing - June 2019 (V3)
CCP/15: Receipt of ready-to-eat food - June 2019 (V3) PREQ/08: Pest control - June 2109 (V3)
CCP/16: Vacuum packing of food - June 2019 (V3)  
CCP/17: Sous-vide cooking work ongoing  
CCP/18: Production, storage and service of ice - June 2019 (V3)