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This policy has been endorsed by the Directors of Campus and Comercial Services and the Director of Health & Safety Services. The policy sets out responsibilities and identifies what is expected at each level, encompassing; Directors, Heads of Departments, Health & Safety Adviser, Human Resources, all levels of Management and Food Handlers.

This policy and its procedures will be reviewed on an annual basis or as and when deemed necessary in order to reflect change in legislation, industry guidelines and 'best-practice'. Subsequent amendments and/or additions will be distributed to key managers that are instrumental in the effective management of food safety and hygiene within areas under their control. It is an expectation that upon receipt of such procedures that it will be the responsibility of managers to ensure that information is placed into the manuals and that any procedures that have been revoked are removed with immediate effect. Within this section there is a facility for managers to record any such changes thus ensuring that the manual is kept up to date and current.

POL/01: Introduction - June 2019 (V3)

POL/02: Statement of intent - June 2019 (V3)

POL/03: Responsibilities - June 2019 (V3)

POL/04: Updating policy and procedures - June 2019 (V3)

POL/05: Amended policy and procedures - June 2019 (V3)

POL/06: Implementation of Food Safety Manual 2019 - June 2019 (V3)