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Role of the Radiation Waste Adviser

A Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) is a specialist in radioactive waste disposal and environmental radiation protection who has demonstrated competence in these areas.
An Environmental Permit holder (the University) must appoint a suitable RWA to meet a specific condition of its Environmental Permit.
The role of the RWA is advisory; responsibility for compliance with radioactive waste legislation and permit conditions lies with the permit holder.
The role of the RWA is to provide advice to the University on radioactive waste management and environmental radiation protection. The scope of advice given includes:
• Achieving and maintaining an optimal level of protection of the environment and the population.
• Checking the effectiveness of technical devices for protecting the environment and the population.
• Accepting into service equipment and procedures for measuring and assessing exposure and radioactive contamination of the environment and the population.
• Regular calibration of measuring instruments and regular checking that they are serviceable and correctly used.

In addition the the RWA will advise on:
• Key national legislation and regulations (including competent authorities).
• Hazard and risk assessment including environmental impact.
• Control of releases.
• Record keeping (sources, doses, unusual occurrences etc.).
• Radioactive waste management.
• Radioactive waste disposal.
• Optimisation techniques – Best Achievable Technology (BAT) and Best Practicable Means (BPM).
• Environmental monitoring.

The RWA must understand the limitations of the advice that he/she is able to be given and be able to recognise when further specialist advice is needed.

The Radiation Waste Adviser to the University of Warwick is an external appointment, currently via Aurora Physical Health Services. Access to advice from the Radiation Waste Adviser is through the University's appointed Radiation Protection Officer.