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Transport of Radioactive Materials

This guidance supplements University Instructions for movement and transport of radioactive material (Instructions 15 and 13 respectively for Open or Sealed sources). The guidance is provided to help interpret how the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations SI 2009 No.1348 (CDG2009) apply in relation to radioactive material transport and to help ensure that the right methods of packaging, labelling and transporting radioactive materials are chosen.

CDG2009 covers road conveyance of all non-exempt radioactive material in the form of sources or waste in a vehicle both within the UK and for journeys in other European countries.

Apart from previously approved regular and routine movements of radioactive materials, the Radiation Protection Officer should be notified prior to transporting radioactive materials to confirm that the right conditions are met.

It is strongly recommended that an approved courier service is used for radioactive material transport.

Exempt Material

Excepted Material

Packaging & Labelling