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Permission to Access Specified High Hazard Areas

The permission to access form will be required where the following Process hazards are present

  • Sources of radiation

  • Infectious organisms (CL2)

  • Significant Hazard / explosive chemical substances

  • Strong magnetic fields or other significant electromagnetic fields (>0.5mT)

  • High-powered lasers (Class 3B & 4)

  • Any other hazards that could cause serious harm to anyone entering the space

(NB: NO access will be granted to Containment Level 3 laboratories other than during shutdown periods)

Each department will be required to identify such spaces and ensure this detail is captured on the ‘Hazard Module’ within the QuEMIS system.

The supporting guidance (when followed) is intended to minimise the risk to any person who is required to access (whether contractors or University based staff) any area containing significant high hazard processes for the purpose of inspection, survey, maintenance, repairs or deep cleaning, (hereafter referred to as Operative).

A register of Operatives with licences to access other High Hazard Areas can be created by a department providing

The operatives are competent for the task

The operative receives an induction by the space owner(s)

The activity being carried out is agreed and understood and suitable and sufficient risk assessments and method statements for the task are followed.

However, checks still need to be made to ensure the space is in a condition suitable for the activity and the health and safety of the operative.

Where the operative is not on the register, or the activity is different to that previously agreed and inducted for, then the full Permission to Access High Hazards Areas Form will need be to be completed

In order to initiate access to a high hazard space, the operative, or their line manager must complete an Access Request Form for the relevant Department.

All laboratories, workshops, etc. should display a notice board which indicates:

The significant hazards that are present in the space

Information on the responsible person(s) for the area, which includes their contact details

For High Hazard areas, the notice board needs to inform that the space has ‘Restricted Access’

Access to the space is for authorised persons only.

or other similar work in such areas must only take place after the area has been made safe (with respect to the nature and scale of work required). This MUST be demonstrated by completion of a Permission to Access Specified High Hazard Area form. Those entering the laboratory/workshop must receive induction to the space as agreed on the Permission to Access Form.

Planned Work requires a minimum of 72 hours’ notice. Emergency Access may be granted at the discretion of the Building Manager or nominated representative

The Operative will assume responsibility for their own work, and will ensure that all relevant risk assessments and method statements are in place for their work activity.