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Chemicals - Radiochemicals (Open Sources)

Information to assist the Shopper, Budget Holder and Specialist Approver determine the appropriate Hazard Levels for requisitions made on behalf of the University. This page also explains what checks should be carried out by both the Budget Holder and the Specialist Approver as part of their responsibilities for managing the introduction of any radiochemicals (open sources) brought into the University. For the purchase of any radiochemical this will involve the expertise of the local Radiation Protection Supervisor.

Hazard Level      
Low Medium High Budget Holder Responsibility Specialist Approver Checks Pre-release checks
Not applicable All others High energy beta and gamma emitters e.g. 32P, 125I

To consult with the Departmental Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) to ensure that the correct Hazard Level has been assigned.

To ensure that there are suitable storage facilities.

To ensure that the location and facilities where it will be used are suitable.

To consider impact on existing waste streams.

Budget Holder to ensure that local rules are in place to manage any risks that the hazardous item introduces and to ensure that these are followed.

The Specialist Approver to consult with the RPS and/or the University Radiation Protection Officer.


Note that the Radiation Protection Officer MUST be informed of all purchases. It is intended that this will be automatically carried out by the OPeRA system.

Finance Officers to be provided with a list of Authorised RPS' that are permitted to approve Radiochemicals (sealed sources) and to check that the RPS has approved the requisition prior to releasing the order.