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Waste - Disposal Hazardous

Information to assist the Shopper, Budget Holder and Specialist Approver determine the appropriate Hazard Levels for requisitions made on behalf of the University. This page also explains what checks should be carried out by both the Budget Holder and the Specialist Approver as part of their responsibilities for managing the procurement of services to dispose of hazardous (other than radioactive or clinical/biological) waste from the University. Where there are many hazardous materials to be disposed of, the highest Hazard Level to be selected. Note that only authorised staff will be permitted to requisition hazardous waste disposal services.

Hazard Level      
Low Medium High Budget Holder Responsibility Specialist Approver Checks Pre-release checks

Materials with the following Risk Phrases:

Flammable (R10)


Waste that could contaminate the environment (but with no lasting harmful effects to air, land or water)

Materials with the following Risk Phrases:

Highly flammable (R11)

R20, R21, R22, R23, R24, R25

Waste that could be toxic or harmful to the environment and have long term effects (air, land or water - H411, H42, H413)

Nano materials and carbon nanotube waste

Materials with the following Risk Phrases:

Explosive materials that have the Risk Phrases R1, R2, R3, R44 or materials which could cause an explosion, Risk Phrases R4, R5, R6

Oxidising materials which may cause fire with Risk Phrases R7, R8, R9

Extremely flammable (R12) or may form flammable/explosive vapour-air mixture (R18)

Reacts violently with water (R14) or liberates extremely flammable gases in contact with water (R15)

Explosive when mixed with oxidising substances (R16)

Spontaneously flammable in air (R17).

May form explosive peroxides (R19)

Very toxic substances (R26, R27, R28), Danger of irreversible effects to the environment, or highly toxic to air, land or water (H400, H410)

Only 'named' Budget Holders to be responsible for raising a requisition for hazardous waste disposal. Where multiple materials are to be disposed of, the most hazardous Hazard Level to be selected.

All Budget Holders to ensure that the MSDS' have been provided with the waste material for formulated products and general chemicals which are still in the original containers or which have been decanted and that appropriate labelling is in place.

To ensure that waste materials have are in the appropriate waste stream, or to ensure a new waste stream is established.

To ensure that any containers and storage facilities are suitable and appropriate and there is sufficient separation and bunding in place.

To ensure waste containers are not overfilled and collections are made at suitable intervals.

To check that the requisition has been made by the 'named' Budget Holder.

Finance Officers to be provided with a list of 'named' Budget Holders who can requisition hazardous waste disposal from the Department via the Approved Supplier.