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OPeRA Workflow

Once a Shopper has placed a requisition within the OPeRA system, the order will need to be checked by the Budget Holder. In some instances the Budget Holder will also be the Shopper. The Budget Holder will then be required to validate the requisition and approve the order. This is primarily conducted within the 'Final Review' tab, where each order line will need to be checked and where necessary, the appropriate Hazard Level and Material Description selected. Information relating to the Budget Holder's responsibilities are detailed within the 'Role of the Budget Holder' page. For further information on how to work your way through the OPeRA system, please refer to the OPeRA User Guide on the Finance webpages. When approving the order this will mean that the Budget Holder has checked each line item in relation to health and safety and verified that there is sufficient funding to cover any costs incurred. Other checks will also be necessary, as covered within the OPeRA User Guide and 'How to determine the Hazard Level' arrangement pages.

Individual Departments have also allocated specific personnel into the role of the Specialist Approver. In relation to requisitions made that have a hazard potential that have been validated by the Budget Holder as being of Low, Medium or High Hazard, the Specialist Approver may also be included within the workflow. Their role is explained in further detail in the Role of the Specialist Approver section. The Specialist Approver should always consider using the OPeRA system to request further information from the Budget Holder rather than rejecting a requisition as rejecting a requisition will take the order back to the Shopper in the workflow which could hold up the release of an order.

Both the Budget Holder and the Specialist Approver will manage their workflow to ensure that sufficient checks are made prior to the order being placed with a supplier. Finance Departments will be involved in the pre-release step to ensure other financial checks are being made appropriately.

Additional notifications may be included in the workflow for specific purchases being made.

The whole system can be audited to ensure that the relevant steps are being taken by individuals in each department.

For further advice on the OPeRA system refer to the the University Finance Office page.

The workflow in your own department should be available within the Finance Pages in each department. Specific personnel who may be required to approve the requisitions should be stated within the organisational arrangements of each department.