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Conducting Research in the Community

SRA logoThe Social Research Association's (SRA) Code of Practice has been adopted as guidance for the management of risks associated with research out in the community that involves observing or interviewing people.

The Code of Practice is designed to help you to:

  • determine the risks that could be involved
  • give you ideas on what practical approaches to interview techniques may be appropriate
  • establish suitable lines of communication to ensure that you have persons you can call upon or who can summon support if required.

It also provides pragmatic strategies for handling risk situations and gives advice around debriefing and the sharing of information afterwards.

An essential safety control measure is the establishment of communication channels between the researcher and a 'buddy' who can raise the alarm if necessary with the police (999). In this event, the 'buddy' must immediately after calling the police inform Community Safety on 02476 522222. [Note that the 'buddy' must be a member of staff or supporting student].

Persons conducting research that involves human participants must also have met the Ethical Conduct of Research requirements.

See also the advice within the links on personal security.