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6 Risk Factors

The 6 Health and Safety Risk Factors are:

Work and Study Factors:

These relate to the hazards associated with the work or study that the student will be carrying out.

Travel and Transportation Factors:

Driving and travel while carrying out the business of the placement provider can be a risk. Placements do not just involve the work carried out for the placement provider. Depending on the nature and location of the placement, the student may face significant health, safety and welfare issues associated with their travel to and from the placement and to and from their accommodation.

Location and/or Region Factors:

The location of the placement can have considerable impact particularly if it is abroad in a country that the student is not acquainted with.

General/Environmental Health Factors:

The student may face significant health, safety and welfare issues associated with the environmental conditions in their place of work or study, or the general location, their accommodation, or their food and drink.

Individual Student Factors:

Each student is an individual. Their health; their knowledge, skills and experience; and their personality could have an impact on health and safety in particular environments. Students with personal factors (e.g. health, disability, linguistic or of differing national expectations) may require specific adjustments or support. Further advice on managing placements for disabled students is available from the University's Disability Co-ordinator.

Insurance Limitations:

Insurance is a means of transferring risk by paying for the provision of professional support and financial recompense if things go wrong. The Guidance on Insurance provides a brief summary of generally available insurance cover that is particularly relevant to student placements and for travel and working abroad. Staff who organise placements can obtain further advice from the Insurance Office.