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Warwick Arts Centre Health and Safety

Welcome to Warwick Arts Centre's Health and Safety zone! In this zone you will find all the documents, training and policy information you will need to carry out your job safely. Areas include:

  • Front of House Areas and Venue Risk Assessments
  • Other Front of House and Operations Risk Assessments
  • Technical Risk Assessments
  • Evacuation Cards
  • Training and Policies and Procedures
  • Further Information

If you need help using the site or need further information please contact:

Emily Smith (Assistant House Manager) on 22793

Tom Langford (Technical Manager) on 24889



Front of House and Venue Risk Assessments:


Box Office RA

Butterworth Hall RA

Cinema RA

Conference Room (ACCR) RA

Dressing Room with Bathroom RA

Dressing Room without Bathroom RA

Ensemble Room RA

Foyer RA

FOH Office RA

Green Room RA

Helen Martin Studio (HMS) RA

Mead Gallery RA

Music Cente Foyer RA


Office RA

Studio RA

Theatre RA

Toilets RA 


Other FOH and Operations Risk Assessments:


Accoustic Panel RA

Butterworth Hall Balcony Barrier RA

Butterworth Hall Standing Gig RA

Butterworth Hall Part Standing Part Seated Gig RA

Christmas Decoration RA

Compactor RA

Education RA

Ices RA

Mead Gallery Art Club RA

Mead Gallery Art Workshops RA

Mead Gallery Get-in/Get-out RA

Stair Lift RA

Smoking on Stage RA

Transit Seat RA 


Technical Risk Assessments:




Evacuation Cards:



Butterworth Hall Heads

Butterworth Hall Door 1

Butterworth Hall Door 2

Butterworth Hall Door 3

Butterworth Hall Door 4+8

Butterworth Hall Door 5

Butterworth Hall Door 6

Butterworth Hall Door 7

Butterworth Hall Host



Conference Assistants

Ensemble Room


Mead Gallery


Theatre Heads

Theatre Door A

Theatre Door B

Theatre Door C

Theatre Door D

Theatre Host 



'How To' Documents:

Fire Checks

Managing Large Events/Gigs with External Security

Managing Large Scale Events - Security Briefing Example (The National)

Parking Safety 

Parking Scheme





Training and Policies and Procedures:


Dealing with Difficult and/or Intoxicated Customers

Evacuation Policy

H+S Introduction to Working Safely

FOH Operational Security Policy and Procedures

Green Break Glass

Intoxicated customers

Manual Handling

Mechanical Seat Moves

Noise at Work

Operating Gallery Walls

Personal Safety / Lone Working

Reporting Accidents

Smoking at Work

Steward H+S notes

Stewarding Requirements for Venues

Stress Management

Working at Height

 VDU equipment



Staff Training record:



Further information:

HSE Guidance on the entertainment industry: