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Driving University Vehicles

Driving University vehicles includes staff who drive as part of their normal job role either on or off campus, such as porter/drivers, cleaner/drivers. maintenance and grounds staff, post delivery drivers, hospitality drivers.

    1. Driving licence checks must be carried out at regular intervals for all drivers. The recommended interval for checking driving licences is every 12 months for a driver with a clean licence or a maximum of 3 penalty points. If a driver has a maximum of 6 penalty points the interval is reduced to every 6 months, and if a driver has 9 or more points, the interval is reduced to every 3 months. When checking driving licences, the original licence must be checked and the Driver Authorisation Form must be completed by the driver and line mananger a copy both documents retained.
    1. Departments are responsible for idenitfiying any driver training needs and must ensure that drivers receive appropriate training where necessary and as defined in local procedures. All regular minibus drivers must complete the ROSPA minibus driver training before driving a minibus and complete a ‘refresher’ minibus driver training course at 3-yearly intervals.
    1. Drivers must be in a fit physical state – drivers whose job role includes the transport of passengers should have a routine health check with Occupational Health and these are available to all those who drive on University business.
    1. Drivers must inform management of any prescriptive drugs or medical conditions that may affect their ability to drive, and must inform DVLA where needed in line with the information at .
    1. It is a legal offence to drive any vehicle on the public highway whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any driver who drives a University vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind will be subject to disciplinary action.
    1. Appropriate rest breaks must be taken by drivers in line with the findings of the risk assessment. The recommended break for continuous driving is 10 minutes every 2 hours driving.
    1. It is a legal offence to smoke in company vehicles in line with the Smokefree Workplace (Exemptions and Vehicles) Regulations 2007. The University strictly bans smoking in any University vehicles.
    1. When towing trailers drivers must ensure that their license permits this, the trailer is roadworthy and that the trailer is not used for the transportation of passengers. Drivers should check with the University insurers before towing a trailer that they are covered by insurance.
    1. Drivers qualifying after January 1997 are not eligible to tow transport unless they undertake a separate test.
    1. Drivers must ensure that passengers are not carried in vehicles not intended for that purpose and must not excced the passenger numbers of the vehicle used. All University minibuses have a maximum passenger capacity of 16 plus the driver.