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Vehicles on Campus

Drivers must adhere to the following when driving vehicles on campus, which should be used in conjunction with the Highway Code.

  1. University Ordinance 17 states that anybody using a vehicle on University premises must observe all legal provisions relating to drivers on public roads. In particular:
    • speed limits, signs and other restrictions must be observed
    • directions by authorised staff must be obeyed
    • motorcyclists must wear crash helmets
  1. Double yellow lines indicate places where it is unsafe to park.
  1. Vehicles must never park in yellow hatched areas (fire lanes, entrances to residences and the areas around pedestrian crossings etc), otherwise fire engines and ambulances may be denied access. Vehicles found parked in such areas will be clamped.
  1. Where practicable, vehicles should be segregated from pedestrians.

To protect the environment, vehicles should only be hosed down in designated areas where the drains are protected by interceptors.