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Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses

If an accident occurs firstly make sure that the scene is made safe and that those involved are assisted in the most appropriate manner. All accidents, incidents and near misses that occur in the University must be reported to both local management and the Health and Safety team using the online form.

If you are the manager with responsibility for an area where an accident has occurred, or manage/supervise a member of staff or a student who has been injured, then you must ensure that the report form has been completed correctly and submitted as soon as possible.

Reporting an incident will allow any action to be taken to prevent the same thing happening again and will also allow the University to report serious incidents to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), as is required by health and safety law. Those incidents which must be reported to the HSE by the Health and Safety Department include:

  • accidents which result in a student or visitor being taken to hospital
  • an accident which causes a fractured bone
  • where a staff member will be or has been absent from work for 7 days as a result of an accident
  • certain dangerous occurrences, such as a collapse of a scaffold or contact with underground services
  • some occupational ill health conditions
  • incidents where there is property damage but no injury, such as a fire.

In some cases it is essential that a member of the Health and Safety team inspects the area as part of their investigation of the incident - in this case please make the area safe but do not disturb it as far as possible. Then please report it using the online report form or by ringing your H&S Adviser who will decide how to progress it.

Visitors wishing to report any incident may also use the hard copy of the form and send it to the Health and Safety Department.

All members of the University have an absolute right and responsibility to submit reports of any incident without challenge. The Health and Safety Department maintain a full record of all the University's reported incidents which meets the requirement for an accident record book.

Staff / Tenants etc who need to report emergency situations requiring the Police, Ambulance or fire and Rescue Services should call 02476522222

Security Services will have contact numbers to call upon Wellesbourne Response Team members or first aiders as appropriate.

Online Report Form for Staff and Students

Contractor Incident Report Form

In case of Emergency requiring Police, Fire or Ambulance please ring Security on (024765) 22222

For Maintenance issues (including paving and heating) please contact the Estates Helpdesk Online or Maintenance Hotline on x22567

Any major failure of services (gas,electric, water, drainage, burst pipes, roof leakage etc) must be reported immediately to Security.

Interim Fire Safety Policy