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Accidental Exposure to Arsenic


Small Exposures ie splash/spots onto skin/eyes – Request First Aid assistance/advice.

  • Brush away solid particles

  • Remove contaminated clothing, double bag, put into sealed container and disposed of following Chemical Waste procedure

  • Wash skin with copious amounts of soap and water

  • Irrigate eyes for at least 15mins with bottled eye wash or clean running water.

Contact NHS-111 confirming type of substance and level of contamination to determine whether further emergency treatment is required. Tel: 111

Large Exposures -Dial (024765) 22222 for urgent medical and First Aid Assistance.

Rescuer must wear disposable coveralls, suitable respiratory protection and Nitrile Gloves to prevent personal contamination.

  • Remove casualty from source of exposure

  • Brush away any adherent solid particles from the casualty

  • Remove any contaminated clothing and personal effects from the casualty. Double bag contaminated clothing and place in a sealed container clearly labelled and disposed of following Chemical Waste procedure.

  • Help casualty to wash hair and all contaminated skin with copious amounts of soap and water for at least 15mins. Use a shower if available.

  • If eyes affected irrigate eyes for at least 15mins using Bottled Eye Wash or clean running water.

  • Lay casualty down, keep at rest and under shelter, cover with one blanket or coat etc. Avoid overheating.

  • If breathing is affected, maintain a clear airway and adequate ventilation, place casualty in the recovery position

  • If casualty has ingested chemical DO NOT give anything by mouth or induce vomiting

All persons exposed to large amounts of arsenic should attend accident and emergency for health assessment. A copy of the data sheet of the chemical the person has been exposed to must be sent with the person.

The rescuer can remove their protective clothing once the person has been decontaminated. NOTE protective clothing should be removed in the following order to prevent the rescuer being contaminated.

  • Brush down Coveralls and remove, place in bag for disposal

  • Wash gloves then remove respiratory protection, place in bag for disposal

  • Wash gloves again before removing and place in bag for disposal

  • Using clean gloves, Double bag all items and dispose of following Chemical Waste procedure.

Report ALL incidents to the Health and Safety Department as soon as possible at

Further information on hazards presented by Arsenic can be found in the Manufacturer’s safety data sheets.

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