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Fire Response - In-Hours

This procedure should be followed when responding to a fire alarm In-Hours.

On hearing a fire alarm or receiving notification:

  1. Response Team members should make their way to reception (avoiding areas in alarm or affected by fire). (If reception is not safe gather outside the reception on the lawn (spare map of the PPB and a high-vis jacket are in the Bleasdale Building lobby)
  2. First person arriving becomes the Incident controller.
  3. Incident Controller checks the site’s fire panel in Reception or on external mimic panel outside the Prince Philip building to identify the location of the detector activated (The alarm code opens the key box for access to the panel where there is fire system documentation available).
  4. Incident Controller distributes high-vis jacket and distributes a two-way radio to the next two members of the Response Team who arrive and awaits information from their investigation. (The incident controller should be prepared to contact the emergency services if requested by those investigating)
  5. These two Response Team members investigate the validity of the alarm signal by observing the exterior of the building and looking for signs of an incident.
  6. If a fire is evident confirm this to the Incident Controller via two-way radio. Incident controller will contact:
    • Warwickshire FRS Control on 999;
    • ADT on (9) 0844 8001999 – contract no 217134; and
    • Main Campus Security Services on 024765 22222
  7. If a fire is not evident:
    • Note the alarming zone and reference the zone drawing by the panel.
    • See list of panels and note if the building is of a high risk.
    • If deemed safe to do so, following the guidance on ‘How to Investigate’, enter the zone to investigate the situation. (A second person must be in attendance at this stage).
    • If a fire is suspected report this to the incident controller.
    • If no fire is evident report this to the Incident Controller and re-set the panel.
    • In the event of problems with resetting the fire panel or needing to isolate a faulty zone in the absence of University technical staff,contact Honeywell to request service engineer’s assistance.
  8. Incident Controller advises ADT, Main Campus Security Services, and Fire Control (if contacted) to stand down and of any problems with re-setting the alarm.
  9. If the Fire and Rescue Service respond see guidance on re-occupation of the building.

File incident report to Health and Safety Department via the online form.