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Manager's Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as a Manager?

Health and well-being is not just a medical issue. The nature and characteristics of the jobs that employees do are vitally important in terms of satisfaction, reward and control. The role of the manager is key. Good line management can lead to good health, well-being and improved performance. Managers also have a role in identifying supporting people with health conditions to help them to carry on with their responsibilities, or to make reasonable adjustments where necessary.


Senior Officers, Heads of Department and Directors

Leadership and interest in health and well-being from our senior officers is vital. Good management can lead to good health, well-being and improved performance. The reverse can be true of bad management. Senior Officers recognise that good health equals good business.

Responsbilities of our Senior People include:


Line Managers

All line managers and those with supervisory responsibility for other employees will put in place measures to minimise the risks to employee wellbeing, particularly from negative pressures at work. Managers must familiarise themselves with the Health and Safety Executive's stress management standards, and use these to mitigate psychological risks in their teams. For example, managers should ensure that employees understand their role within the team and receive the necessary information and support from managers and team members to do their job. Managers must also familiarise themselves with the University’s policies on diversity and tackling inappropriate behaviour in order to support staff, for example on bullying and harassment issues.