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Line Managers Responsibilities

Responsbilities of our Line Manager's include:

Line managers must ensure that they take steps to reduce the risks to employee health and wellbeing by:

  • Being aware of and exercising their duty of care to their employees by:
  • recognising the symptoms of excessive pressure
  • responding to any concerns regarding the wellbeing of any members of their team
  • taking the appropriate and reasonable action to prevent harm
  • Ensuring that the right people are recruited to the right jobs and that a good match is obtained between individuals recruited and job descriptions/ specifications;
  • Ensuring effective communication and keeping employees in the team up to date with developments at work and how these might affect their job and workload;
  • Ensuring employees know who to approach with problems concerning their role and problems relating to excessive pressure, and how to pursue these issues with management;
  • Making sure jobs are designed fairly and that work is allocated appropriately between teams; and
  • Ensuring that work stations are regularly assessed to ensure that they are appropriate and fit for purpose.
  • Facilitate risk assessment relating to staff wellbeing and implement agreed findings
  • Ensure employees are fully trained to discharge their duties
  • Ensure employees are provided with meaningful developmental opportunities and individual training needs are regularly discussed
  • Monitor workloads to ensure employees are not overloaded and work is allocated fairly amongst teams
  • Monitor working hours to ensure employees are not overworking, and monitor holiday to ensure that their team members are taking their full entitlement
  • Monitor and maximise the energy levels of team members
  • Attend relevant training as required, including management training, health and safety and health improvement training
  • Ensure any potential staff wellbeing issues are communicated to a member of the senior management team as soon as possible in order to secure appropriate advice and support
  • Ensure that a positive attendance management culture is actively promoted and applied consistently
  • Ensure effective measures are in place for monitoring all sickness absence for mental health and stress related absence
  • Ensure absence patterns are monitored and anomalies are reported to senior management