Please read our student and staff community guidance on COVID-19
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Covid-19 Virus

Dear parents/carers,

I hope you and your family are keeping well.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Tuesday 23rd June that mentioned wraparound care being able to restart over the summer, the Department for Education (DfE) released some updated guidance that evening (23rd) which we have reviewed.

Up until this point, this guidance for providers like the University of Warwick Holiday Camp was to remain closed. This guidance has been updated and states that the Government hopes to amend the regulations currently mandating that we remain closed, however this is not anticipated before 4th July, and is subject to Parliamentary process which must be confirmed based on further scientific advice. We are still currently required to remain closed.

Crucially for providers like ourselves, the key protective measures guidance has not been released, so we have no framework within which we would need to operate so we are unable to move forward with preparations.

Preparing for the summer Holiday Camp takes months of work, especially the recruitment, assessment, vetting and training of staff, plus reviewing and re-writing policies/risk assessments. Without guidance on how we must operate, we do not know how many staff we need, what protective measures (‘bubbles’, additional hygiene, activity restrictions, etc) need to be in place, new procedures for staff and crucially whether our venue would be suitable to host a camp under this guidance. The safety of the children and staff remains our overriding priority and we simply cannot prepare without this guidance.

For these reasons, sadly, we are unable to provide a summer camp this year. We share your frustration and sympathise with the challenges this creates for parents who need childcare this summer.

Thank-you for your ongoing support during this difficult time.We look forward to seeing you and your children in the not too distant future!


All the best,

Rachael Snell

Holiday Scheme Coordinator