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What activities will my child be doing?

For each Scheme we will use feedback from parents and advice from primary school educationalists, to build a diverse programme which will contain a balance of physical and creative/intellectual activities every day, as well as plenty of time for both structured, instructor-led sessions and free play.

Each scheme will include a wide range of experiences - from environment/nature-related activities outdoors and a range of sports and games (including coach-led sessions such as tennis, cardio fitness, etc) to fun academic related sessions, performance/theatre/visual arts workshops, dance and music workshops, art, design and crafts, language sessions, and much more. There are also external trips.

There will be many other activities offered and opportunities for the children to play prior to and after the activity day and indeed in break times.

The February 2018 Holiday Scheme activity timetable will be released shortly. This gives you a list of the activities we will be doing each day.