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What is the age range?

The Scheme is aimed at children aged 5-14 years old.

My child is 4, can they still take part in the Scheme?

As long as they have been attending the Reception year at school and their birthday is within 6 weeks of the first day of the Scheme. We will ask you to give their specific date of birth later when you complete the online booking form.

My child has just turned 15, can they still take part in the Scheme?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept children over the age of 14 at this time. There may be an opportunity for older children to attend in future years once more developmental work has taken place.

Will there be separate groups according to age?

Some activities will require the group to be split by age so that sessions can be tailored accordingly. While there will be groups in some sessions based roughly on age/ability, there are specific sessions where children will be split into '8s and under' and '9s and over.'

However, we appreciate that mixing with children of different ages is a positive developmental experience in itself, and will try to ensure that many of our activities will allow this. Normally, the children will be in one group for arrival / pick-up periods, and, for those on the general programme, lunch.