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Managers' role and responsibility for the induction of new staff

It’s clearly important that new colleagues are supported in settling into their roles as quickly as possible, and a carefully constructed induction programme can be a valuable way of making this happen. Whether you’re organising an induction programme yourself or you’ve been asked to organise a programme by your Head of Department, here are some resources to help you.

Please remind new staff to use the University’s core induction material. New staff will be alerted to this website in their offer letter and in their welcome email from ITS, but a reminder from their Head of Department or manager will give staff the opportunity to absorb both essential and useful information on a range of University wide topics, at a time and pace that suits them.

Getting to the start date

The University's recruitment process outlines the stages from approval to recruit to appointment.

Induction checklist

To assist you in planning local induction, the induction checklist is simply a “prompt list” of the local information that new colleagues are likely to need. The checklist is generic and not tailored to any one department or group, to allow anyone producing an induction programme to choose the elements that are relevant to their area and the role concerned, or add their own requirements. You can access the checklist here.

Department administrator checklist

If you are preparing to welcome a new Department Administrator, then you may also find this checklist useful.
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