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Health and Safety Induction


Health, Safety and Fire

Health and Safety is the responsibility of everybody in the University. We all need to follow health and safety procedures and take care of ourselves and others; and the University must provide us with a safe place to work and study.

Health & Safety Essentials for all Staff:

  • All staff and students must complete the Health & Safety Induction course, this helps you understand basic health & safety awareness within the workplace.
  • All staff must complete the Fire Safety Awareness course, this helps you understand basic fire safety awareness within the workplace.
  • Fire Alarms - all buildings have a means of alerting the occupants to a potential fire. If the alarm sounds you must leave the building immediatley.
  • All accidents, incidents and near misses need to be reported to the H&S department as soon as possible. There is guidance and a report form on the Health, Safety & Wellbeing website. If you need more information regarding this or if you think an incident may be serious please contact your H&S adviser for further advice.
  • All staff must complete an assessment of their computer workstation, this helps you set up your desk space correctly and comfortably and allows for any extra assistance you may need to be provided. There is guidance on how to set up your workstation to support the assessment.

Need to know more?

Please remember to view the Health, Safety & Wellbeing webpage regularly - we use it to inform staff of changes to guidance.