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Removal/relocation expenses

We offer an excellent relocation package to make your move to Warwick as smooth as possible.

There are a number of eligibility criteria to be satisfied in order to qualify for the relocation package:

  • The post must have been advertised nationally. This includes: the University‚Äôs website,, and national media/journals.
  • The expenses must normally be incurred within a period of 12 months from the contract start date. If the employee considers this is not practical, he or she should discuss this with their Head of Department and the Expenses Manager who may, at their discretion, agree an extension of the claim period (but please note, the University does not have the discretion to extend a tax-free payment beyond the tax-free periodLink opens in a new window).
  • You must change your main residence and it must be within reasonable daily travelling distance of your normal place of work and your old residence must not be within reasonable daily travelling distance of your normal place of work. On top of this, employees are required to move at least 30 miles to a location nearer to and within 20 miles of the University (for the purpose of determining whether staff meet this criteria, the distance is measured using AA Autoroute and is the shortest practical distance by road between the relevant postcodes).
  • The University must consider it necessary for the employee to move closer to the University in order to fulfil the requirements of his/her role.
  • Relocation expenses will only be payable to those appointed on academic terms and conditions and those on levels 6-9 terms and conditions and for individuals in research grant posts for whom the terms of their grants specify relocation expenses.
  • There is only one relocation package per household - e.g. if a husband and wife are both to be employed by the University and are moving from the same address, only one allowance will be available and only one partner can make a claim for reimbursement from the University.
  • Staff will be required to confirm that relocation expenses are not available or payable from any other source and the University reserves the right to make enquiries to establish this is the case.
Key principles
  • You must change your main residence.
  • The length of the initial contract determines the value of the package. However, if the contract is subsequently extended or made permanent, Heads of Department have the discretion to determine whether additional support should be made and to what extent.
  • The relocation package is intended to be a contribution to the cost incurred in moving, and not a commitment to meet the full costs involved.
  • The type of contract to which you are appointed will determine the relocation package for which you are eligible.

Please contact Expenses at warwick dot ac dot uk if you require assistance concerning the relocation process and package (please first read our sub-pages (above) re allowable costs/how to claim/repayment and tax)

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