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Frequently Asked Questions

At the point your contract ends/leave the University you will no longer be able to access SuccessFactors therefore we strongly advise downloading any payslips or p60 prior to your final day.

Please click on the links to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions re:

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Tax Tax

Non-Residents Non-Residents Payment of tax & National Insurance

Pension Pension

Maternity Maternity Pay

Leaving Leaving the University

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Maternity Monthly Casuals Payroll

You might also find answers to your questions under Understanding your Payslip and Understanding your P60.



Q.Where can I find information on the University's current salary spinal points?
Q. What spinal point/salary am I on?
A. Please look on the salary scales website (Note: this is based on full-time hours)

Q. I am working 5 days per week. How much would my monthly pay be if I changed to 2,3 or 4 days?
A. To calculate your gross pay (ie the amount before deduction of tax, National Insurance or pension contributions), divide your current salary by 5 and multiply by the number of days you will now be working. Net pay involves complex calculations based on your earnings to date, however, as a general rule an approximate figure can be reached by subtracting 42% from your gross pay (if you are a higher tax payer) or 31% (if you are a lower tax payer). An additional % should be deducted if you are in one of the University's pension schemes (varying between 3% and 9.6% depending upon the scheme). (See also take home pay)

Q. I am completing a mortgage application, how do I find out my annual salary?
A. SuccessFactors holds Salary details. Alternatively the amount is generally 12 times the salary amount shown on your monthly payslip and spinal point information can be found on the salary scales scales website

Q. When will I get an increment?
A. You will not receive an increment if you are at the top of the pay scale. The majority of increments occur in either August or October with a small number occurring on the anniversary of your appointment. Your contract will confirm which of these scenarios applies to you. To be eligible for the first increment you must have been employed for a minimum of 6 months.

Q. What do I do if I am missing a payment?
A. Please contact your department in the first instance. They will then contact Payroll on your behalf.

Q. On what date will I be paid
A. Payment is made on the 24th of the month. Where the 24th is a non-banking day, payments will credit on the day before.

Q. I'm starting/leaving part way through a month - how is my pay calculated
A. Part worked months are calculated based on the number of working days in the month. e.g. final working day of the 20th May 2021 would result in a payment of 14/21 of your normal full month's pay (based on a 5 day working week).


Personal Details 

Q. How do I inform you if I have changed my bank details or home address?
A. Please update your details on SuccessFactors

Q. Can payments be made to foreign bank accounts?
A. We can arrange for payments to be made to foreign accounts, but you must complete a foreign bank details form.



Q. Can I get a duplicate P60?
A. No. However while you have a SuccessFactors record you can download a copy (dating back to April 20 tax year 2019/20). If you are no longer active on SuccessFactors we can produce a letter stating your End of Year figures. Alternatively, the same figures can be found on your March payslip.

Q. When will I receive my P60?
A. P60s are uploaded to SuccessFactors typically between the middle and end of May. We recommend downloading a copy for your own records.

Q. Why is the earnings figure on the P60 different to my salary? A. Your P60 earnings relate to your taxable earnings (after pension deduction and other non taxable elements e.g. salary sacrifice childcare vouchers) for the last tax year ending March. During this time you may also have received a pay increase e.g. from August, therefore your earnings at the old rate will be included (April – July) as well as the increased salary (August- March). Your actual salary refers to the gross amount (including pension etc) you are receiving currently from the University



Q.I believe I have overpaid tax. How can I claim it back?
A. Send your P60 end of tax year summary to HMRC or if you are leaving and not continuing your employment, request a P45 and send it to HMRC. They will then assess your claim.

Q. Where can I find general information about paying UK tax?
A. HMRC have an overview of income tax website.

Q. My tax circumstances have changed. What should I do?
A. Contact the tax office directly & advise them about your change in circumstances. Please do not download a P46 & send it to us directly, because we can only change your tax code when the tax office advise us to.

Q. I am a student. Why am I paying tax?
A. Students are subject to normal HMRC Regulations (ie anything over £1,041 per month at 2020/21 rates is taxable). If you do not have a P45 from a previous employer when you commence work at Warwick, please ensure you complete a P46 form which is available from the Payroll Office or can be downloaded from here P46 form.
Students are exempt from tax for non-termtime employment only (Easter, Summer and Christmas). This employment should be declared to HMRC upon receipt of your P60 at the end of the year.

Q. I am entitled to a tax allowance of £12,570 this year and yet you have taken tax from me. Why?
A. Your tax allowance is the total amount of pay anyone is allowed to receive free of tax over the entire tax year. Therefore, for each pay period, this allowance is divided by 12 and the balance is subject to taxation.

Q. Why have I had more tax deducted this week/month than last week/month?
A. There could be a number of reasons, including:
Has your taxable pay changed? Perhaps as a result of a change of Salary or pension contribution?
Has your tax code changed? (Note: it is important to advise HMRC when you move so that they can advise you in writing prior to any changes taking effect)
Have you returned from a period of unpaid leave?

Q. What is the phone number and address for the tax office and what is the University's tax reference?
A. See basic details

Q. Do I pay tax and NI on my holiday pay?
A. All payments are taxable if you are earning over your current tax threshold

Q. Why am I on basic rate tax?
A. Typical reasons for being on a basic rate (BR) tax code are:
Not completing a P45 or P46 - tax code will be changed to 0T
Signing statement 'C' on form P46
Providing a form P45 with a BR tax code
Coding notification of BR received by the University from HMRC on form P6 (during the tax year) or P9 (at the start of the tax year)

Q. Other companies have salary sacrifice schemes; does the University offer anything similar?
A. We have 3 salary sacrifice schemes: one to assist with the cost of childcare, another to purchase a bicycle for cycling to work and a third for pension contributions.



Q. I've been working in the UK for less than 1 year; can I have a refund of my National Insurance contributions?
A. All UK residents under retirement pension age are liable to Class 1 NI contributions if their earnings are above a certain level. If your earnings are above £962 per month for 2020/21 you are liable to pay NI contributions and there is therefore no refund due.

Q. How can I claim repayment of tax upon leaving the UK?
A. To enable HMRC to consider any Income Tax repayment, you ned to complete HMRC form P85 and send this, together with parts 2 and 3 of your P45 to HMRC.
Further details regarding this and other FAQs can be found on HMRC's non-residents webpage.



Q. I'm leaving next month, what will happen to my pension?
A. Upon leaving, the administrators of your pension (USS or UPS) will be notified by the HR department. The administrators will then contact you (typically within 2 months of leaving) with the options available to you. For this reason it is important that HR has your current address on record.



Q. I've just started my maternity leave and my pay is different. I chose the plan where I have 10 weeks on full pay - why haven't I got the same as usual?
A. Maternity leave is based on the number of working days in a month rather than being 1/12th of your annual salary. As a result your pay will fluctuate.



Q. When will I receive my P45?
A. P45s are sent out as soon as possible after your final payment has been made.

Q. I will shortly be leaving, what happens to my SuccessFactors payslips and p60's
A. Once you have left the University your SuccessFactors access will be suspended so we strongly advise that you download payslips and p60s.


Pay Dates

Q. The 24th is a Saturday or Sunday. When will I be paid?
A. You will be paid on the preceding working day.

Q. When will I be paid over the Christmas period?
A. This varies from year to year in line with bank non-processing days and is typically advised in November.


IT Access

Q. I am working on a temporary contract; how can I get IT access and a staff card?
A. Your department manager or Unitemps should email the payroll department requesting access. You will receive an email advising you when your card will be ready to collect and how to obtain IT access.



Q. I am on the Salary payroll, can my payslip be sent to my home address?

A. It is payroll policy that payslips are uploaded to SuccessFactors.


Payslip Messages

Q. How do I request a message to be printed on payslips?
A. Please send an email to Tal Dhaliwal (Payroll Manager) at t dot dhaliwal at warwick dot ac dot uk or payroll at warwick dot ac dot uk requesting availability for the month(s) you wish your message to be printed. The message must be related to the University and of potential interest to all University staff. This service is operated on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. However, in the interests of fairness a message will be printed from the same department only if no other departments have made a first request.
The message itself must not exceed 120 characters (split 60 first row and 60 second row including spaces) and is subject to editing by the Payroll Manager to ensure the message fits within the parameters available.
This a free service from Payroll which will allow over 6,000 university staff to read your message, printed on the Monthly Salary pay slips.


VAM Payroll

Q. I'm leaving the VAM payroll. How do I get my P45?
A. Please contact the departmental administrator responsible for the work you have completed and advise them that you wish to be removed from the payroll and the address to which you would like your P45 sent. The department will complete the necessary forms for you and advise the Payroll team. Please do not contact the Payroll office directly.

Q. I work on the VAM payroll. How do I get a staff card?
A. Anyone on the VAM payroll may be entitled to a University card if their work requires it. To obtain a card the Head of Department or delegated representative should send an email request to Payroll Resource payroll at warwick dot ac dot uk including the individual's name, University number, department and reason a card is required.
Please note that it can take up to three days to process the request, after which the individual will be notified by email that they should collect it from University House Reception where their photograph will be taken. Once the card has been printed, any problems that arise should be directed to University House Reception in the first instance, not to Human Resources or Payroll.

Q. I work on the VAM payroll. How do I get Library/IT access?
A. You will first need a University card as detailed above.
Library Access: The Head of Department or line manager should contact the Library via email or letter, outlining the individual's status within the University (specifically whether the individual is undertaking academic work or not) and why access to the library is required. The individual's University number should also be included so the Library can amend their membership record system.
IT Access: This is obtained directly from the IT Services website.
After the initial steps outlined above, the Payroll team is unable to provide further advice on card related issues.