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Bus & rail passes

The University will purchase an annual bus or rail pass which you then pay for in 12 equal instalments by a deduction from your pay. As well as spreading the cost of your ticket, you also have the benefit of a discount on the price.

Note: It is your responsibility to ascertain from the travel company exactly which ticket is appropriate for your journey.

The prices from Jan 2018 are :

Centrocard 1-5 £1,120 (£93.34 per month)

Coventry Annual Faresaver £64.30 (£47.03 per month)

Network West Midlands nBus £736.25 (£61.36 per month)

Please note that the Coventry Annual Faresaver can now only be ordered once a month. If you want to order a new pass or if your pass is up for renewal and you wish to renew, you must let payroll at warwick dot ac dot uk know by 1st of the month.


Please note that if cancel your ticket for any reason during the year, the bus companies charge an administration fee and only reimburse a proportion of the unused weeks.

You can also buy a University Travel Card, valid on many Travel de Courcey services via a deduction from your salary