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Annual national pay award

We know this year’s pay settlement is particularly important to you, given the increase in the cost-of-living and the impact it is having on many people. That’s why we want to provide you with an update on the pay increases that will be implemented in August, so you have this information as early as possible.

  • Following negotiations between Higher Education employers and Trade Unions on the national pay award for 2022-23, a final offer was made to the trade unions of an overall pay increase of 3.18%.

  • UCEA has proposed an uplift which is structured so as to provide higher increases to those at the lower end of the pay spine, with increases of up to 6.8% for our staff.

  • Over 3,000 employees will also benefit from moving up a spinal point in their salary band, in addition to the annual pay reward. That will benefit around half of all our colleagues.

  • UCEA has advised that they now regard the pay negotiations as concluded and that the pay uplifts offered will be implemented, taking effect from 1 August 2022. That means employees will see an increase in their pay packets within weeks.

  • The University of Warwick is proud to be a Real Living Wage (RLW) employer. Unlike the Living Wage – which is a legal requirement – the Real Living Wage is voluntary and pays the higher rate of £9.90ph compared with £9.50ph, to help those on the lowest incomes. Those on the RLW received an increase in November 2021. The Real Living Wage for 2022/23 will be announced in September, but in the meantime we have decided to increase the hourly rate for our staff earning the RLW to £10.47ph from 1 August 2022. If the Real Living Wage announced in September is higher, then we will ensure that their salary is uplifted in line with this.

  • Thousands of employees will also receive a ‘thank you’ payment of up to £1,000 in their August salaries that we were pleased to announce recently.

We are acutely aware that some colleagues maybe struggling with household finances, and we want to do more to help them. We are actively looking at practical steps we can take to do this over the coming months, and will share our plans as soon as possible.

If you have any queries, please direct these to opens in a new window