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How do I lock my computer?


Lock your computer when you're not at your desk to prevent others accessing yours and the University's information. See also Basic Computer and Internet Safety...

PC users:

  • You can lock your computer by pressing Alt +Ctrl+Del all at once or by pressing the Windows Key +L.
  • You can also set up a password protected screensaver for those occasions when you forget to lock your computer:
    • Click 'Start' (bottom left of the screen), select 'Control Panel' icon (screen with pen in front of it), then the 'Display' icon and then the Screen Saver tab from the top of the box.
    • If the box next to 'On resume, password protect' is not ticked, put a tick in there and then set the 'Wait' time at which password protection (i.e. the lock) starts. Click 'Ok' to apply the changes you make.

Mac users:

There are a few ways to lock a Mac machine but they can shut down your work at the same time.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the menubar shortcut from Keychain Access, which will give you a menubar icon that will let you lock the screen. To get it, open Keychain Access (it’s in ~/Applications/Utilities) and open its preferences. Then, just click the checkbox for “Show status in Menu Bar”.

A little padlock icon will appear in your menu bar which gives you a drop-down menu option for locking your screen.