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How do I keep information safe off campus?

If you need to access sensitive information from home (or anywhere else), you need to do it securely, using one of the following methods:

  • The University's Virtual Network service
  • The ThinClient application (only works for some programmes)
  • Files.Warwick or SharePoint
  • MyFiles (to access your department's shared drive or your H: drive)

Read more on How do I access information remotely?

If you really need to take Restricted or Reserved information off campus, check what the Dos and Don'ts are in the Information Classification and Handling Procedure

Generally, good practice would be:

  • Don't leave it lying around anywhere where anyone could access it.
  • Password protect the data if it's on your laptop or memory stick, or if you've put it on a CD/DVD. Also make sure none of these things get stolen. Read more on How to I protect a document?
  • Don't work on the information in public (e.g. cafés, buses, trains etc...)
  • Don't email the info - it's not a very secure way of sending it.
  • If you need to throw out printed sensitive information, bring it back on to campus, shred it, and put it in a confidential waste sack
  • You can only share sensitive information with others if the person referred to in it has given their written consent, and if you need to send it outside of the EEA, you'll need to get this approved by the University infocompliance at warwick dot ac dot uk.