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Successful implementation of new chemical inventory system, LabCup, in the Chemistry department

LabCup, our new chemical inventory system, has been successfully implemented and was endorsed by the University Health & Safety committee to be the chemical inventory software for the remaining departments that use chemicals. The IDG Portfolio Delivery team has supported the Chemistry department to adopt a new chemical inventory system, over the course of 2023 between February and September 2023 in Chemistry, which brings benefits to the users of the chemicals in the department, and to colleagues in Health & Safety.

Wed 28 Feb 2024, 11:51 | Tags: Staff, Professional Services, Chemistry, Research, Health & Safety

WMG Website Launch

WMG launched their new website on December 14th 2023. The launch went smoothly and was a double win for the University: validating Sitebuilder’s Editor, and enabling WMG to launch their website on time.

Warwick Food & Drink

IDG Software Engineering has developed & delivered a catering management system as part of an Agile development collaboration with CCSG which took place throughout the summer in 2023.

Wed 28 Feb 2024, 11:46 | Tags: Staff, Software Engineering, All Students

200 Online Exams delivered through the Warwick Assessment System in 2023

Students and staff applaud University of Warwick's delivery of 200+ online exams, highlighting efficiency and sustainability.

Transforming University of Warwick with ArcGIS: Unveiling the Digital Future

Vibrant showcase day by University of Warwick highlights ArcGIS platform's power in converting GIS data into user-friendly apps.

Fri 05 Jan 2024, 13:23 | Tags: Staff, Professional Services

Essential business continuity, while transforming operations, to support student attainment

Graduation ceremonies assured: IDG and EPQ resolve missing marks, implement streamlined processes.

30,000 files moved to new file storage hubs in a pilot to test data migration

Improved data access and compliance achieved by IDG in large-scale file migration.

Fri 05 Jan 2024, 13:21 | Tags: Staff, Professional Services, Academic Departments

160 Academic Staff Quickly Adapt to New System in 4-Week Training Blitz

Improved academic operations: IDG delivers comprehensive training programme to support streamlined student records.

Fri 05 Jan 2024, 13:19 | Tags: Staff, Performance, Academic Departments

NRSP - Planned Network Migrations in 2023

Starting in January 2023, a rolling programme of migrations will take place to move wired network connections to the new network infrastructure.

Wed 21 Dec 2022, 17:49 | Tags: NRSP, Migration

STEM Grand Challenge

We are providing strategic change support to the STEM Grand Challenge

Tue 13 Dec 2022, 17:00 | Tags: STEM Grand Challenge

Warwick Assessment System - Phase 2

The next phase of the roll out will seek to directly replace AEP for assessments usually uploaded in pdf format to the AEP, in the Spring/Summer sessions for the academic year 2022/23. This will then allow the decommissioning of AEP at the end of 2023 all being well.

This means that all departments currently using AEP will need to have moved across to the new system for the 2023/24 exam sessions

Thu 01 Sep 2022, 17:00 | Tags: WAS

NRSP - Student Residence Migrations – A Success Story

What do these migrations mean?

The replacement network will provide updated network services which are compatible with current industry standards, improve the security capability and enhance sustainability, whilst increasing resilience and providing a more consistent user experience to enable innovation across campus.

As of mid-August, the project team has migrated:

  • 119 Switch stacks 
  • 336 Edge switches 
  • 16128 switch interfaces/ports 
  • 3645 wireless access points
Tue 23 Aug 2022, 17:35 | Tags: Cabling, NRSP