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Strategic Change



Strategic Change Team

The Strategic Change Team

We take a clear and consistent approach to change where the processes, stages, language and change outputs are clearly understood by all stakeholders. We co-create benefits and business cases which are clearly articulated ensuring the case of change is clear and well understood before the change is triggered.

Our work is supported by clear governance, giving decision makers all the information they need to make good decisions in promoting effective change. We allocate the right roles at the right stage of the change process from scoping to delivery to continuous improvement:

The team comprises Project Managers, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Solution Architects and Business Change Managers who are supported by the Portfolio Management Office.

Projects update

The team manages 30+ strategic projects on behalf of the University.

Latest project news

The cycle of strategic service improvement

This is the process of how the team works closely with University departments to deliver the overall strategic priorities. On the left is the description of each of the stages and the right a graphical representation of how those stages work together.

  • Horizon (top of centre circle, orange section): The process where institutional change needs are identified or linked together.
  • Initial Assessment (first section to the right going round centre circle clockwise, dark turquoise): Where ideas for change are qualified, scoped and signed off for further discovery.
  • Discovery (next section towards bottom of centre circle, green section): Where detailed analysis takes place to create a business case for the change.
  • Delivery (grey section, bottom left of centre circle): Where a project with a defined scope delivers the key outputs needed to enable the change.
  • Continuous Improvement (purple section top left): Where post implementation ongoing support is provided to further embed effective change.
  • Service Improvement (second circle to the right of centre circle, turquoise): where all the stages feed into and out of the continuous cycle of service improvement.
  • Benefits Realisation (red arrow pointing upwards offset to the outside left of the centre circle); where the process and service improvement cycles are continuously moving around each other positively re-enforcing benefits realisation across the board.