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innovateIf you have an idea and you need some help finding the right route for your idea to be assessed and developed, then the Innovation Management service is here to provide that help. Once submitted to the Ideas Space, ideas are first considered by the wider community. This is a chance for colleagues to ask questions, suggest options or highlight concerns. If the idea generates positive support, or is sponsored, then an Innovation Support project manager will contact the idea originator to discuss the idea in more detail.

This is the point where hands-on help starts. The first step is to agree with the originator exactly how much involvements they would like – as much or as little as they wish, the idea will always be their idea. The Innovation Support project manager will also clarify the exact nature of the project, identify what resources might be needed, who might be involved and how much time it might take to progress. This is also the point where practicalities are considered and a decision made on whether the idea can be realistically implemented.

Innovation projects can take anything from a few days to a number of months – but the Innovation project manager will help it, and the originator, through the process and keep things moving.

Not every idea can be implemented, but every idea can be considered and given the best chance to succeed – that is the role of the Innovation Management service.


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