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Room Bookings

Warwick Innovation District: Junction Building Rooms and Spaces Guide

Small Internal Meeting Room - Bookable by Warwick Innovation District Team members only - ideal for 1:1s, small meetings. Max capacity 6.

Teaching Rooms Germination (JX0.11), Ideation (JX0.12) & Acceleration (JX0.13) - Bookable for Innovation related workshops, events and meetings such as; Team meetings, Student Enterprise Societies Events, Incubator Programme Development Workshops. Max capacity per room 32.

The Climb - A large co-working space providing first come, first served non-bookable hotdesking for all individuals who are part of Warwick Innovation District staff/programmes/activity only. The Climb is comprised of two levels and cannot be booked for exclusive use however, the mezzanine floor can be booked for Innovation related meeting/events, with advanced notice. Please note that the co-working space on the lower floor of The Climb will operate as normal in this instance. The Climb co-working space is not open to individuals (students/staff/external) who are outside of Warwick Innovation District or Innovation activity related to it.

If you have an enquiry or would like to book a space, please contact us at or complete this booking form 

Please try to give at least 5 days notice for a room booking and 2 weeks notice for an event. Thank you!

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