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Sorption Energy launches £1.5 million funding round for gas-fired heat pumps

31 January 2012Sorption Energy Logo

Sorption Energy Ltd, a spin out from the University of Warwick, is currently seeking to raise
£1.5 million in equity funding to develop a compact gas-fired air-source heat-pump for domestic heating and hot water which is 30% more efficient than a condensing boiler.

Tests have proven that Sorption Energy’s heat pumps will use 30% less fuel, compared to the best domestic condensing boilers. Recent computer modelling has identified improvements which further increase savings towards 40%.

The Sorption Energy heat pump will be the same size as a standard wall-mounted gas-fired boiler, making it suitable for the large retrofit market as well as the new build market, which together amount to 11 million units each year world-wide. This is a significant competitive advantage as no other gas-fired heat pump is small enough to be wall-mounted.

Although initially more expensive than a condensing boiler, the Sorption Energy heat pump is much cheaper to run. The installation costs are about the same, and the increased cost of the unit itself is paid back in around two years from fuel savings.

The Sorption Energy system uses adsorption technology, a well-established approach already in commercial use in large scale systems. Sorption Energy’s patented breakthrough is to miniaturise the technology, making it suitable for domestic use.

The technology has the potential to provide substantial energy and cost savings in domestic heating. Currently around 25% of the energy consumed in the UK is used to heat homes and produce hot water. As fuel costs continue to increase, there is an urgent need to provide more efficient energy systems.

The system was developed in the University of Warwick’s School of Engineering and Sorption Energy was set up, with assistance from Warwick Ventures, to commercialise the technology.

Sorption Energy aims to partner with blue-chip boiler companies to develop domestic heating systems and then become a supplier of technology and key components for them to build into their products and sell through their existing sales channels and market infrastructure.

Sorption Energy’s CEO Dr David Auty says: “Sorption Energy’s products will enable consumers to make significant savings in their domestic heating bills, with minimum disruption during installation and the same degree of comfort and convenience as a gas boiler. Our heat pumps will also cut carbon emissions from homes and help improve their energy ratings.”

For more information, contact CEO David Auty on, or visit